Since I’m new to the Atlanta area and don’t really know my way around yet, I am always looking for new places to shoot portraits and engagement sessions. Jenna & Mike were so adventurous and knew my love for contrast (pretty people in rundown places) so they found this amazing spot for part of their engagement session. It was both exciting and a little scary because at the end, a giant storm blew in. When it suddenly got dark, thunder started rattling the place and we could hear the wind swinging old squeaky doors, we scattered out of there pretty quick!

Dating back to 1904, The Historic Pullman Yards was originally a manufacturing plant for electric motors, then a munitions plant and in 1922 became a repair station for rail cars (there’s even a train car inside one of the buildings). I believe it’s been vacant since the 90′s but has been the location for many movie filmings. I heard that part of the Hunger Games was filmed there but you know…it’s just hear-say.

Abandoned Pullman Yard

Atlanta Engagement Session

Engagement Photography by Inga Finch

Atlanta engagement session by Inga Finch Photography

Pullman Yards Atlanta

This is when the thunder exploded…I love this startled picture…

Engagement Photographer Atlanta