Hello Atlanta! I am now officially nestled in a space near Decatur Georgia and serving the Atlanta metro area as well as maintaining my life and family and friends and business in the OH so beloved home town of Tallahassee FL. It‘s a fun and interesting time in my life as well as an excellent growth opportunity for Inga Finch Photography.

Today, I had the most enjoyable and relaxing lunch with a client of mine whom I started building a relationship with back when Inga Finch Photography was just beginning to grow. Tracy & Eric Kistler were engaged, then wedded, then pregnant, then new parents…all of which I was most fortunate in experiencing along with them!! It has been fun to travel their journey with them.

To my pleasant surprise…they live in Atlanta now. Smyrna to be exact and even though I‘m way over in Decatur…Im happy to reconnect with and see the growing Noah and I‘m looking forward to the new little one who is soon to join their family!! Congratulations Kistler family and thank you for letting me share in so many of these most important events in your lives!!

Here are a few shots from today session with Noah and Tracy…

[![](/content/images/2012/04/img_2713.jpg "img_2713")](/content/images/2012/04/img_2713.jpg)
[![](/content/images/2012/04/img_2724.jpg "img_2724")](/content/images/2012/04/img_2724.jpg)
[![](/content/images/2012/04/img_2763.jpg "img_2763")](/content/images/2012/04/img_2763.jpg)
[![](/content/images/2012/04/img_2765.jpg "img_2765")](/content/images/2012/04/img_2765.jpg)
[![](/content/images/2012/04/img_2772.jpg "img_2772")](/content/images/2012/04/img_2772.jpg)
[![](/content/images/2012/04/img_2784collage.jpg "img_2784collage")](/content/images/2012/04/img_2784collage.jpg)