Newborn sessions are probably my all time favorite type of session! Many years ago I was a birth/midwives’ assistant and I was often on call at all hours of the night and awake and supporting laboring mothers for sometimes days. Those were long, hard and very rewarding days!!

With newborn photography, I get the best of both worlds. I do not have to stay up all night BUT I get to smell their sweet baby smell, cradle them, take sweet photographs of their lashes, smiles and tiny little feet, see the joy on the parents faces and then. I. go. home. It’s wonderful!

Meet Baby C and tell me how much you love that little sleepy smile!

Sleeping newborn  and posing

Newborn detail photography

Baby sleeping on skateboard

Newborn Photography by Inga Finch Photography

Baby smiling in his sleep by Inga Finch Photography