Baby J turns one year old and I was invited to join in the festivities. He and his family are Korean and I loved getting to see inside their culture and traditions surrounding a Korean baby‘s first birthday. I learned so much!

This is Baby J and he is wearing the traditional garb called dol-bok.

This is one of the main parts of the celebration. Fruits and a variety of rice cakes filled this giant table especially for Baby J along with other items: money, scissors, an abacus, a microphone? I cant remember. The last items are believed to determine who he will be when he grows up. Which ever thing attracts him and the first thing he grabs predicts his future.

It seemed he was all over all of them but the abacus was his thing I think…an accountant like his mom maybe?

And here‘s the sweetest of families…

and the rest of the gang…

The kindness and openness of this family was dear. They shared this special time and invited me to taste the amazing food they all prepared. I‘ll just say A.MAY.ZING! I think I may have eaten squid.

Eun, I loved being a part of this with you and your family! Thank you for sharing!