Ashli Price of Plan To Plate and I met at the Decatur Farmer‘s Market to get some fun new photographs for her website. We wanted to show the whole process of what she does from beginning to end. We did some “candid” photos of her shopping for vegetables throughout the market. I met a lot of new people because clearly she‘s a regular and knows almost everyone. I also learned some new things…I mean, I‘d never heard of Kohlrabi!

So, it‘s really cool what Plan To Plate does!! They‘ll meet with you and help plan meals based on your preferences and dietary needs.You will have a personal chef to prepare meals using the freshest seasonal ingredients OR she will prep the ingredients and give you recipes to make cooking your own meals easier. With our busy lives, it‘s the best fast food possible delivered right to your door every week!!

Photography at Decatur Farmer‘s Market

Ashli made a spring slaw with cabbage, rutabaga, granny smith apple, green onion, carrots, roasted pepitas and dill tossed in a whole grain mustard vinaigrette. WHATTT? Heaven!!

Atlanta Photographer

And then there was roasted asparagus…

Atlanta Food Photography

Here she‘s making a quinoa salad with quinoa, orange bell, radishes, kohlrabi, kale, chicory (i thought chicory was just coffee you could purchase at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans), basil and toasted almonds all mixed up with a caramelized shallot vinaigrette which i wanted to drink straight!

Atlanta Food Photography

Not only was Ashli fun to hang out with, we had a champagne break in the middle of our shoot and at the end, I got to help taste test everything!! Amazing! Delicious! Brilliant!