This boy melts my heart! I've honestly never seen a bigger smile on a baby's face. He is a big ole charmer and I could crawl around on the floor with him 'til the cows come home! (yes, i am from the south)

6 month old sessions are among my favorites because these little ones are developing their personalities and engaging in a way that they couldn't do before. They can sometimes sit up and are beginning to become mobile.

I offer a baby plan with 4 sessions: 3mo, 6mo, 9mo and a year are the standard but I encourage parents to use the 4 sessions as they wish. Some folks like to incorporate the newborn session into the baby plan instead of doing it separate and then the final 3 sessions at landmark times such as sitting up, walking and then first birthday.

That first year, there are so many changes and growth stages...make sure you don't miss it!!