Although i am not much of a television girl, i had heard of ABC‘s Extreme Makeover Home Edition on the wind. It especially hit my radar back in January when Cliff Mautner and Susan Stripling took portraits of the Girard family to fill the halls and nooks and crannies of their new home in connecticut.

I began to watch the show reruns regularly realizing what an amazing impact this Ty Pennington and his crew were having on people‘s lives; so many of these stories tragic and heart rending.

When it was known that Extreme Makeover Home Edition would be coming to Tallahassee and with Susan‘s referral, it became mine and Mary Beth Tyson‘s honor to work with the Kadzis family to create some of their own family art for the walls being raised for them by the EMHE crew and Myddelton Parker Builders.

Thank you Susan, Extreme Makeover and Mary Beth for such a wonderful, life changing experience. The time spent with the Kadzis‘ strength and courage will be with me forever.

Photographs coming soon as the show is to air in ~5weeks. In the mean time…catch extreme makeover home edition sundays 8/7c on ABC