i had the honor of working with the American Heart Association Saturday during the annual Start! Heart Walk.

The Broken Hearts of the Big Bend is a “circle of support for families affected by congenital heart defects” in the North Florida area. During the Heart Walk festivities, they had a photo area where i took pictures of the team members that had volunteered to walk and raise funds for heart disease research.

Here is Team TPD

I would like to introduce my niece Taylor who was born with such extensive heart defects, it is difficult to understand or explain….

Her left and right arteries were switched, there was a hole between the chambers causing the blue and red blood to mix, she had a defective valve and there was no electricity flowing through the bottom half of her heart requiring a pacemaker. She has had about 9 surgeries, 3 or which were open heart. She has already had several pacemakers and will probably require a new one next year because she outgrows them quickly. Her case is being studied and the funds raised from events such as this help further educate the people who have saved her life.