The cutest highland cows on the planet happen to live right around the corner from our cabin in Blueridge. They were recently acquired by our friends Mark and Jesse. You may remember their wedding and you can view it here.

Jesse agreed to 2 cows and Mark ended up arriving with 4 and the funny thing is, they're all pregnant so grand total will be 8. Jesse is none-too-happy! BUT, me? I. can. not. wait. until the babies come! Mark, my wife and I are all very excited!

This lil pumpkin is Zelda
This one is Cocoa; she's shy and won't come too close to you yet...
This is "Whamo" Mark says but I think Wilma suits her better.
This is Xtreme...

Stay tuned for the babies which are due any day now. When they come, I'm making a mad dash to get photos. Maybe it could be a new trend of "newborn calf photography".