I met Katie and Eric at Maclay Gardens in Tallahassee at the end of the day because we wanted to get some of that beautiful "golden hour" light that happens just before sunset.

Engagement sessions are sweet to me because the couple has such joy, excitement and energy in anticipation of their wedding and their whole lives together. I love being around it...it's infectious and I find myself having more bounce in my step and humming songs as I walk along!

Engagement sessions are also a great way for couples to "practice" for the wedding day. It's a way to get used to having a camera around, getting to know and getting more comfortable with the photographer and seeing what they look like through the camera lens so the couple can discuss specific likes and dislikes.

I like being able to sit down with a couple and talk about the images after the session so I can have a better idea of what images they lean towards as their favorites so I can replicate it on the big day! It's a win win and I encourage every couple to have this session!