All-righty, I‘ve never been much of a pet person but have found that spot in my heart that needed a little extra something! I am now living in a home filled with big animal love. We‘ve got dogs, cats AND chickens. Our newest addition is a baby golden retriever and he‘s a fluffy love muffin! We decided to do a mini photo shoot with him…

I have previously given thought to how pet photographers do what they do. I assumed a bag full of treats, some squeaky noise makers and the ability to whistle (of which I cannot do) was all you‘d really need. I‘d like to add to that list; you need a bottle of wine to recover.

Look, here‘s Cache before he got all riled up.

Oh here we go, not stop action.

Slight pause…

To his credit, this session wore him out as much as it did me!

Don‘t you want to just squeeze him!?!