About 12 years ago I contracted the real estate bug and ran out to get certified as a real estate agent. I quickly got a listing that sold very fast and that should have elated me but what I realized, it just wasn’t my thing. I think I had romanticized the idea of exploring the city and these homes and hadn’t considered the boring part…endless paperwork!! What I truly enjoyed was just seeing the beautiful houses: old victorians mansions, cottages, modern lofts, all of it.

I’m excited about the addition of Real Estate and Architectural Photography as a part of my offerings. It’s a nice blend of my true passion, photography and my interest in real estate.

When putting your home up for sale, hiring a professional photographer can reduce the length of time it is on the market. A bit of research by Redfin brokerage firm discovered that homes with professional images in their listings received 61% more views than the other listings. That’s a crazy big reason to hire a pro!

This week I had the chance to photograph a cute little renovated home over in the Edgewood Area of Atlanta. Here are a couple of shots…

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