I met Rene lots of years ago when i was just getting started with my photography business. I photographed one of her family member's weddings and absolutely love love loved her and her extended family. We have enjoyed staying in touch through the years via facebook. I feel like I know her so well!!

Recently she reached out to get some new artist headshots and I got to visit and see her studio. We had coffee and caught up with our lives over the past few years. It was really wonderful spending time with her in her space and seeing some of her work up-close and in person.  Her work is luscious and vivid. It make sme want to eat fruit all day on a beach and as the sunset comes, dance and drink.

She has a big heart and a warm smile and I could've sat with her all day! Please go check out her website/artwork here.

Here is one of my faves that we shot on that day...