It is often said that, there aren‘t any good wedding venues in our fair city of Tallahassee so I put together a little list for us to peruse. I often travel for weddings and would like to spend more time closer to home.

I‘ve had the fortunate experience  to shoot at all of these locations except for  the Alumni Center which I will get to do in March.

I have to admit, of the list below…Pebble Hill Plantation is my favorite venue although it is not in Tallahassee per se. But Thomasville and Tallahassee are practically one!  Shhh. Some folks may not love that I said that.

I would love to have feedback from you! Which is your favorite of the Tallahassee wedding venues below and why? Is there a venue you like that I failed to include? Is there one here that you think does not deserve to be on the Tallahassee Top 10 list? I am eager to hear your thoughts and that means YOU TOO PHOTOGRAPHERS!!

  1. Southwood House and Cottages
  2. University Center Club
  3. Pebble Hill Plantation
  4. Governor‘s Inn
  5. Dorothy B. Oven Park
  6. Maclay Gardens
  7. Goodwood Museum and Gardens
  8. FSU Alumni Center
  9. Golden Eagle Country Club
  10. Mission San Luis